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Andrei Precup International
Andrei Precup International
Innovative LinkedIn Ads Solutions for IT Leaders

Your Partner in High-Performance LinkedIn Ad Campaigns

At Andrei Precup International, we understand the unique challenges faced by IT directors. 

You need high-quality leads, efficient use of your budget, and consistent results to secure your position and drive your company’s growth. 

That's why we specialize in delivering high-performance LinkedIn ad campaigns tailored specifically for the IT sector.
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Partner With Us To Build a Resilient Business And Peace Of Mind

Most of our clients see an increase of 13% in pipeline and 7% revenue while spending 21% less on ads by leveraging our Extensive LinkedIn Expertise (1000+ campaigns launched).
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How It Works

Our step-by-step LinkedIn ad campaign plan is designed to help you achieve consistent, predictable results, and be a high performer. 

Discover how our strategic approach can transform your campaigns, ensuring you deliver measurable results that impress your team and stakeholders.
Define Your Objectives

Without clear objectives, campaigns often fail to deliver the desired results, leaving you stressed and blamed for poor performance.

Ambiguous goals lead to skewed KPIs, making it hard to justify your efforts to the CMO and VP of Marketing, increasing the pressure on you and your team.

We start by setting specific campaign goals and KPIs to ensure your LinkedIn ads deliver measurable results, helping you look good in front of your colleagues and reducing stress.

Understand Your Target Audience

Targeting the wrong audience results in bad leads. They waste your budget and time and frustrate the sales team.

Incorrect audience targeting means more unqualified leads, more blame sessions, and higher chances of missing sales quotas.

So we define detailed buyer personas and leverage LinkedIn's advanced targeting options to reach the right audience, ensuring higher quality leads and fewer wasted efforts.

Develop a Compelling Offer

Weak offers fail to capture interest, resulting in low engagement and poor lead generation, making you look ineffective.

An unappealing offer means lower ad performance, more pressure from the sales team, and a feeling of burnout as you struggle to justify the campaign’s ROI.

That's why we create value-driven content and engaging ad copy to attract and convert your audience, ensuring your campaigns deliver tangible results and enhance your professional reputation.

Design Eye-Catching Creatives

Poorly designed creatives fail to grab attention, leading to low engagement and wasted budget, making your campaigns look ineffective.

Unattractive ads result in low click-through rates, disappointing results, and more stress from having to explain the underperformance to your higher-ups.

Therefore, we use high-quality images and strong CTAs to design ads that capture attention and drive action, ensuring better engagement and making your efforts stand out.

Choose the Right Ad Format

Using the wrong ad format can lead to poor performance and wasted resources, causing frustration and blame from your team.

Ineffective ad formats mean lower engagement, wasted budget, and more pressure to explain why your ads aren't delivering results.

Therefore, we select and A/B test different ad formats to find what works best for your audience, optimizing performance and demonstrating your expertise in campaign management.

Set Up and Launch the Campaign

Improper campaign setup can lead to budget mismanagement and poor results, putting your job performance under scrutiny.

A poorly launched campaign risks wasting precious budget, disappointing results, and more stress as you try to manage the fallout from underperformance.

Hence, we use LinkedIn Campaign Manager to set up and schedule your ads accurately, ensuring optimal budget allocation and maximizing the chances of campaign success.
Monitor and Optimize

Failing to monitor and optimize your campaign can lead to continuous poor performance and wasted budget, leaving you to face the consequences.

Ongoing poor performance without optimization means you're constantly under pressure, struggling to improve results, and feeling the weight of unmet expectations.

For this reason, we regularly track performance metrics and adjust targeting, bidding, and creatives based on data insights, ensuring your campaigns stay on track and deliver consistent results.

Follow Up and Nurture Leads

Ignoring lead follow-up leads to missed opportunities and poor conversion rates, making your efforts seem futile.

Without proper lead nurturing, valuable leads can go cold, resulting in wasted budget and more stress from trying to salvage the campaign's ROI.

We ensure the use of retargeting to nurture leads, maximizing conversion rates and showcasing your campaign’s effectiveness.

Report and Analyze Results

Lack of detailed reporting makes it difficult to demonstrate your campaign's success, leading to doubts about your performance.

Inadequate reports mean you struggle to prove the value of your campaigns, facing more blame and increasing pressure to justify your strategies.

For this reason, we prepare comprehensive reports with clear analysis, helping you demonstrate the campaign’s success and learn from the results to improve future efforts.

Continuous Improvement

Without continuous improvement, your campaigns become stagnant, leading to suboptimal performance and missed opportunities.

Failing to iterate means your strategies become outdated, resulting in more stress as you try to keep up with changing trends and expectations.

So we use insights from your analysis to refine strategies, stay updated with LinkedIn's latest features, and ensure your campaigns continually improve, keeping your performance consistently high and reducing stress.


Why use a LinkedIn Ads Agency?

One thing we’ve learned and that more and more B2B brands are accepting is that LinkedIn paid ads is an important enough channel to deserve its own focus.

For this reason, more brands are moving away from letting their normal generalist marketing agencies manage LinkedIn ads and giving it over to actual specialists.

This is why a LinkedIn Marketing Agency makes sense.

What’s the minimum ad spend required to run LinkedIn Ads?

Very common question.

The short answer is that we’ve worked with clients spending as little as $500/month. But, most experts would recommend you start with at least $1-2k/month on ads.

Some important things to consider when thinking about the budget on LinkedIn ads.

  1. Does your website already have strong traffic that’s converting, or are we starting from scratch?
  2. Are you running any other paid ads channels that we can leverage to tap into LinkedIn retargeting sooner?
  3. Do you already know exactly who your ideal prospect is, or are you hoping this process helps define that more?
Here's a link to a free small PDF showing you how much you should budget.

Explain how this whole LinkedIn Ads things works

Ok I got you!

Your prospects are on LinkedIn.

Even better, they are in "work-mode." They log onto LinkedIn to build their business and be influenced on buying decisions.

LinkedIn’s filters can split the list by seniority, job function, industry, geography, company size, and more. They ensure we only show your ads to the right potential buyers.

Yes, the cold clicks and leads tend to cost more than on Facebook. But, they are higher quality and convert to revenue at a higher rate. So, they are worth it.


We help you find your prospects. We help you make a marketing plan. You'll build trust and credibility through retargeting. Then, you'll get a solid ROI from this channel.

How is Andrei Precup International different from other LinkedIn Ads Agencies?

Fair question – The highlights?

  • Fair pricing
  • Amazing service, including weekly video reports of your account performance, which is unheard of. 
  • Fast communication – we offer email, live chat, and zoom support. 

But the biggest difference? – We leverage a demand gen style retargeting framework that actually builds trust + credibility with prospects, as well as positions you as THE expert in your space.

This approach leads to:

  1. Inbound sales calls who are excited to talk to you
  2. Improved show-up rates of calls
  3. Improved ROI of your other ad channels
  4. Higher close rates
  5. Bigger deal sizes
Are LinkedIn Ads Expensive?

We hear this a lot. (like a lot lot) Here’s the thing:

LinkedIn has higher CPC and CPL than other channels. But, the quality is much better. This makes it well worth the cost for B2B brands.

Our advice, evaluate instead by quality of leads, show-up rates of meetings, close rates of meetings, and deal sizes.

When you look at these revenue producing metrics… LinkedIn comes out on top.

Who do LinkedIn ads work best for?

The minimum criteria needed for success here would be:

  • Website that is currently converting traffic well
  • Clear idea of who your target demographic is and proven core offer
  • LTV of 5k+
  • Committed to run ads for at least 90 days for a fair test.
  • Ideally already running some quality traffic to your website (good organic, google, or FB).
How long does it take to get results with LinkedIn Ads

It depends (of course). 

If you are starting from scratch with this ad channel and don’t have a ton of other quality traffic hitting your site that we can leverage for retargeting, then it could take 3–6 months to carve out a profitable ROI.

IF you have healthy organic/paid traffic to your site, a site that converts well, and a healthy budget, you can carve out a positive ROI in 90 days.

What does a LinkedIn Ads manager do?
A LinkedIn Ads Manager is responsible for managing campaigns and ads on the platform. 

With Andrei Precup International, we have a holistic approach to ads management, of which you can learn more here.

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